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The panel Picture is that of my Dad TED in about 1930/31 .In the background his brother Jim.
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Welcome to my personal web site, where I am proposing to  put down some family history and something about my quite ordinary life  


My late Wife Margaret with her two brothers Billy and      John  about 1980? ( Both now deceased)

These are my four daughters about 1951/52 

Carol  1944     Jenny 1946     Sheila 1948   Cynthia 1949




John Howells 1874/1958 and wife Lizzie 1872/1944  with son Tom 1894/ and his son John Howells , Daughter Doris Lizzie 1902/1980 (My Mother)  and me Eric T Jones 1926  taken about 1935


My parents  Edward Thomas Jones (TED) 1904/1934   Doris Lizzie Jones nee Howells 1902/1980 and me Eric T Jones b1926     about 1929



Ada Jane Jones nee Tod and Edward Thomas Jones had 6 children
1) Edward Thomas Jones. (TED) 1904-1934==Doris Lizzie Howells1902-1980  child 1
2Amy Jones 1907-1986      =William Davies1906-1963   child 1daughter

3)William Tod Jones1911-2001    ==Ethel Swannick 1914-2002  child 3daughters

4) James Price Jones 1919-2001  ==Edna Lewis 1919-2012  2 daughters 1son

5) Mildred Jones 1922-1998   ==Sidney Langley 1918-1995  3 sons.

6)Jack Jones 1925-1930


Edward Thomas Jones(Ted) and Doris Lizzie
Howells had one son Eric Thomas Jones 
(Reg Thomas Eric ) b 4/12/1926

In 1945 (Jan.) He married Margaret Olivia Miller and there were 4 daughters Carol M . Jennifer L.  Sheila V. and Cynthia B.
Much more detailed History is available inc. Jones-Howells-Lacon- Miller and Claybrook upon request

HISTORY OF TOD   24-11-2019

tod 1663—1746 married
Agnes Alexander 1678--1713 on 12/12/1701 there were 6 children of the marriage
the youngest being born in 1711 about two years prior to Mothers death

1663 then married Jennet
Walker b ?—d1763  There were 9 children
of the marriage

fathered 15 children with two wives.

The oldest
one of the second marriage was Thomas 1716—1786 (His
father was 53 )   The Youngest was Helen
1732 ( Her father was now 69)

In 1752    Thomas 1716-1786 married
Janet Blake 1730—1804  There were 11
children of the marriage born between then and 1772 (20 years )


A middle one
was James 1756-1820

17/03/1779 James married Margaret Brown 1775—1864  There were 9 children of the marriage one of
which was John Tod 1809-1882

1832 John married Margaret Wilson? 1813—1898

Tod b1809 A
wheelwright  and Margaret Tod b1813 were
both born in Scotland. Their first six children were born in  The County of Peebles

Robert1834  Alexander1836 
Margaret1839  James1841 Eleanor
1843  John1846.


1848 John was offered a position on the estate
of Chirk Castle (Denbighshire) Consequently  the family 
moved to Wales and in 1851 were resident in the township of Croganwladus

A record
of their move from the Manor Valley to Chirk 
is further on

John had
secured a position at Chirk Castle . He was a carpenter joiner and wheel wright

There are
records at The Castle to show his employment and some of his children.

appears that he was responsible for the building of a new staircase in The
Castle and also a new frontage to a lodge near to the castle gates.

By the
time of the 1851 census

Two more
Children had been born in The County of Denbigh-  Elizabeth1849 and
William 1851

In C1871
William Tod1851 was at home –Newhall, Chirk. with Parents, and his
sister Margaret1839 Wise who was now a widow with three children living in the
household with her parents

WILLIAM  TOD b. 1851
(youngest child of John1809 & Margaret) 
at Nantyr Llangollen

d 16-09-1883 of Tuberculosis at Lodge Which is now
called Weston Rhyn   , Nr. Chirk            


William married in 1876 - Jane Price
b.1854 at  Glyn Traen (Pontfadog)

They had 5 children all born at
Lodge an early name for Weston Rhyn. Shropshire.


1 -Margaret Elizabeth 1877 -1940. In 1891 aged 14 she was a servant at a
house in St. Martins.---married Francis Standing 1874-1953 in The Wirral
Cheshire and she died in The Wirral in1940

Children  Margaret 1905/1994. William 1908/1975-
Francis 1914/1984

Margaret married ?

William J Married Irene Seale  June 1941 in West Cheshire.< Child:
Irene  S Standing 1942      & Veronica J Standing 1947

Francis  married ?


2- Mary  Ellen (POLLY) b.1878. In 1891 census
she was a servant on a farm at Glyntraian (Lewis ) and recorded as being
Polly.  It was here that she became known
as Polly. Why I know not.

Mary Ellen or Polly married Eddie(Edwin) Gordon b1885  at Pontfadog, on 25-9-1913

Gordon b.1885 at Baschurch  was a farm

were Elsie Parry (Ellen- Polly ‘s ) Step sister ) and  Albert           Gordon    .Polly and Eddie had two sons William TOD
Gordon 1914-2000  and Edwin T Gordon 1919-?

William Tod Gordon married Dorothy
Brown b1916. of Much Wenlock and they had two children Lavinia Dorothy
1937  and Patricia Ann, who much to my
delight I have  made contact with 

 Both Dorothy (Borland) and Ann (Pugh) live in

At the time
of a review 15-12-2012 Dorothy is hale and hearty at 96 years old . I spoke
with her yesterday.

One year on
Dec 2013 This year I attended Dolly Gordon's 97th. Birthday party

I attended
Dolly’s 100th birthday in December 2016

Dolly died
on April 13th. 2019  aged 102.
She was interred in Much Wenlock Cemetery on April 30th.



3-   Thomas Tod 1880/1880 died maybe at childbirth
or within a few weeks

4-)Sarah b
1880/1951  at Lodge. (Usually called

Thomas and Sarah
were born in the same quarter  it is
likely they were twins

In 1901 census Sarah(Sally )
was  –a servant in Lancashire

She married James McGoggy 1877/1918
in Manchester ---Daughter Anita McGoggy 1907—1979 married Alfred Fiddler

 Sarah (Always known as Sally) died in
Manchester in 1951



Ada Jane 1881-1958 at Lodge -See below


After William Tod Died Aged 32 Jane
Tod nee Price, his widow Married Thomas Parry of Pontfadog

Tom Parry was a son of Morgan &
Margaret Parry.  He had a brother David
and two sisters Margaret & Ann

Thomas & Jane had three girls
–(stepsisters to the four Tod girls.) And one boy – a stepbrother

Elizabeth Ann b.1889-----Annie &
Thomas Twins b.1890 & Elsie b.1893-

 Elsie married Hugh Stokes b.1895 at Chirk
Green. Hugh was a Railway man and his Father Edwin was a colliery official



Mrs Ankers   –This explains why Amy Stokes told Jim Tod
that the two families were related –possibly Elsie was her mother 

Well there were family connections
between the Tods and the Stokes

Ie. Hugh Stokes  married Elsie Parry whose mother Jane
Parry  was previously Jane Tod. Nee Jane

Ada Jane Tod 1881-
1958 the youngest child of Jane Price and William Tod  was my grandmother (Nain) 

She  married Thomas Jones b 1880-1930 of
Gibraltar, lower Hopton, Nr Nesscliff


In 1901 Ada Jane Tod  19 years old was  in service for Thomas Thomas at Wolfshead
Farm Nesscliffe

On the same
page at “Gibraltar” Lower Hopton was Edward Jones b1835  with Housekeeper Emma Jones b1830 and son
George b 1883.    Edward Jones was a
Market carrier. He had another son Thomas Jones b1880 who was a waggoner in the
home of Mary Hannah Sockett  and her
sister Jane Sockett -Farmers of Kinton.

On October
30th. 1902  Thomas Jones b
1880 and Ada Jane Tod  b1881 were married
in Great Ness Church .  Their parents
were registered as Edward

Jones A
Carrier and William Tod a Carpenter.(deceased) They were married in the
presence of  George Jones (Thomas
Brother) and Mary Eleanor (Polly)Tod, 
Ada Jane’s. Older sister.


They no doubt lived at Gibraltar
where my Father Edward Thomas Jones 1904-1934 was
born in . He died as the result of motor cycle accident on The A5 near
Atcham  in March 1934.


Ada and Tom moved to Baschurch
(Eyton) where Amy Jones1907 and

William Tod Jones b1911 were born. 
According to William they then moved to Pontfadog when Thomas became a
miner at Ifton Colliery.  He was an
asthma sufferer and could not cope in the mine. He returned to Farm work
(Waggoner ) at The Wolfshead farm, adjacent to his old home at Gibraltar and on
the farm where Ada Jane previously worked, although it was now in the hands of
Mr. Davies. 

Tom and Ada took up residence at
“The Prill” Nesscliff circa 1915.. The House belonged to the farm.

In 1901 William Jones1875 along with
his wife Emily Jane(Nee Thomas ) were living at The Prill.Nesscliff with a
daughter Alice Ann.

By 1911 The family were at Yorton
Heath ,Nr. Clive. There were two more children .

Emily Jane  b1903 at Berrington  and William Robert b1905 at Bicton Heath.. So
it seems that  William and Emily Jane had
lived after leaving The Prill at Berrington and Bicton Heath  before moving to Yorton Heath .

I suspect  that some or all of them may have moved back
to Nesscliff eventually


Amy said that just before My Father
Ted and My Mother Doris Howells were married , Ted was courting Emily Jones b
1903 his cousin .and Doris was courting 
Ellis Vow.

Ted and Ellis Vow were great friends

But they changed over and in  1928 Ellis Vow and Emily Jones were married .
They had two children Bernard 1928 and Phyllis1930


Ted and Doris were married in  August  1926 
not long before my birth in December 1926 (The reason Why)

In 1928  Emily Jones and Ellis Vow were married . They
had two children Bernard 1928 and Phyllis 1930


1848 John  Tod b1809, his wife Margaret
and 6 children embarked on a journey to Chirk in Denbighshire.   John had 
secured a post as a carpenter/ joiner/wheelwright at Chirk Castle and
The Nantyr estate.. Here is an account of the event. written by Ann Ankers,after considerable research.

Researched by Ann Ankers a direct descendent


In February of 1847 the tenant of Nantyr Farm on the Nantyr
Hall Estate which was owned by Chirk Castle, the home of the
Myddelton-Biddulphs, was a Mr James Alexander. He was one of the sons of John
Alexander, a farmer of Nether Heughbrae, which is situated in one of the
parishes of Peebles. The land agent at the Castle at this time was thirty one
year old John Girdwood also a native of the Peebles area but now living in
Chirk with his younger sister Jane and brother James. In the1851 census James
is described as a clerk (possibly at the Castle, as when John resigned in 1854,
James took over the post of agent). On the 19th of February John
Girdwood wrote a letter to Robert Alexander, a woollen merchant in Edinburgh
and the elder brother of James Alexander. This letter requested that Robert
should attend Peebles Hiring Fair to find “two strong young men who would be
able to be useful around a farm and to help with the harvest”. A house with
furniture and bedding would be provided and also their fare from Scotland to
Chirk. I was not able to find any more letters requesting labour so must
presume that John Tod may first have been contacted by Robert in this way. On
the same day, John Girdwood also wrote to a Mrs Scott of Bonnington Farm, near
Peebles regarding a gardener named George Brown. This gentleman was actually
related to John Tod as his wife was Agnes Tod before her marriage. He
eventually became the head gardener at the Castle. The letter was also asking
for an assistant gardener for whom a bothy in the grounds would be supplied. A
later letter asked a Mrs W Thomas from Oswestry to supply bolster and pillows
made from ticking and coarse sheeting for this bothy but “no feathers were required”.

The next letter sent to John Tod was on February 29th
1848 so over a year had elapsed since the original request. John Tod was unable
to read or write and I believe that all correspondence was being carried out
via a local landowner, Mr Robert Welsh who was a local JP and the Deputy
Lieutenant of the area. He lived at Mossfennan, which was a prosperous estate
of 180 acres of arable land and 700 acres of hill pasture. He employed 4 house
servants, a groom, a shepherd and 11 labourers. He had also been asked to give
a reference to John which he had done so in glowing terms, although John
Girdwood was a little disturbed that he had not mentioned whether he was
“active” by which I presume he was referring to his general health.

In this quite lengthy letter it is suggested that John and
his family proceed to North Wales by the new Caledonian Railway. The cost would
be greatly reduced and would cost around 20 or 21 shillings for an adult, 10
shillings for those under twelve years of age with free travel to those aged
three and under. The fares would be paid by the Castle and it was thought that
it would take three days to reach Chirk, with his wages paid for those days.
The letter goes on to describe the cottage and garden that would be given, rent
free, to the family but he would need to provide all his own tools. His hours
would be from 6.00 am until 6.00 pm with two hours for meals and he would be
required to take on an apprentice. Of course in later years this apprentice was
his son John, after his stint as post and garden boy. The cottage that they were
given was Gwyniger Cottage near to castle Mill and he was pleased to report
that the cottage was ready for them, containing “grates
and many other things, but no beds as these are not used in this county”. A
rather strange statement!  Mr Girdwood
had no objection to putting up of shelves etc as long as the house was not
injured and suggested that all wood for this purpose could be purchased from
the Castle sawmills at a very cheap rate. It was pointed out that this would be
better than bringing a lot of furniture with them. All this was relayed to John
Tod before it was known if he would actually accept the situation, which seems
to imply that the Castle was a bit desperate for good tradesmen.

The next letter written on March 16th gives the
information that the cottage contains a “kitchen
and room on the ground floor, two apartments above, with dairy” It
request him to give two weeks notice of his intended arrival to allow the
cottage to be made ready. However a letter written a week later threw a bit of
a spanner in the works as it relates that John Alexander, the father of James
and Robert who lived at the nearby Nether Heughbrae farm had found the
Caledonian Railway “exceedingly
troublesome, as it is not yet very well arranged.”
He thought that it would be much better if the family travelled to Annan, a
port not far from Gretna Green in Dumfries, by carrier, from there to Liverpool
by a steamboat which travelled once a week (the date to be got from the
carrier). They would then travel to Ruabon by train via Birkenhead and would be
met at Ruabon by a cart.

This must have been an incredible journey for an illiterate
family from a tiny hamlet in rural Scotland. The journey by carrier would have
been down old drovers roads and the Annan valley and could have taken around
two days. The steamboat would probably have taken about three days to
Liverpool, where they would then have had to have crossed the Mersey before
boarding the train to Ruabon, this last part of the journey taking three hours.
What an experience for 39 year old John, his 35 year old wife, Margaret,
Robert, Alexander, Margaret, James and Helen aged 14, 12, 10, 8 and 5
respectively and also 3 year old John who became my great grandfather.(says
Anne Ankers) An entry for October 19th 1848 in the House accounts  stated Paid
John Tod, wheelwright travelling expenses of himself and his family from
Scotland to Chirk - £6.12.6d . So it is possible that the
negotiations for travel had taken a great deal longer than had been originally





Edward Jones
was Born in Hordley Shropshire.1789   DIED 1855    He
had a son Thomas 1810.-1868  Maybe other Children 
Thomas1810 was married to Mary ? b Melverly       
In 1841 they had three children and were living in Kynaston (Kinton)in
the parish of Kinnerly           
--Sarah1834--Edward 1837--Hannah 1839        ( 

 In 1851                   Edward1789 was head of house living in Hopton with
his son Thomas b1810 in Ruyton X1 Towns and Thomas’s  Wife Mary b1811 in
Thomas and Mary had a son at home Edward b1837 and a daughter Hannah b1839  both born in Kinnerley:: (Sarah b1834 was not at home -probably working as a servant somewhere but there are a number of possibilities. Edward1789 was a Ag Labourer
and Thomas his son  was a stone mason ( Often called then, a Rock Man or Quarry Worker)

In 1861 Edward Jones1837 is head of house  at Lower Hopton  with his wife Anne  (Davies)b1837 in Great Ness and  John Davies -Wifes son age 5(1856) 

Thomas 1810 -1868and wife Mary 1811 were at a different house in Lower Hopton(Next
Door or near) and they had another child born in 1851 Benjamin

 IN 1871           no records

 In 1881 Edward b 1837and Anne have two children william 1875 and Thomas
Edward 1880
Edward 1837 and Anne were described as
Market Carriers  A long standing business probably started by Thomas 1810 and Mary 1811. 
working from the family home at GIBRALTER  lower Hopton          However  Thomas Edward Jones 1880 was an agricultural worker  

By  1891 Mary1811  had died Prob 1883  and Edward and Anne were both described as  carriers.
Resident  in the same house at Lower Hopton.
Son William now 17 was not at home.  Edward Thomas Jones1880
now 11 was.  along with another son  George 1883. 

 In 1901 Edward Thomas  Jones1800  was living in   (a waggoner) at a farm in Kinton run by two sisters Mary and Jane Sockett   Nearby at The Wolfshead farm living in as a servant was Ada Jane Tod .  They married in 1902 and went to live at nearby Gibraltar the Jones family home.

Their first child of 6 Edward Thomas (Ted
)Jones was born at Gibralter in 1904.d1934

Ted married Doris Lizzie Howells of Ruyton
X1 Towns in 1926. They had one son Eric. b1926 

Ted died as a result of a motor cycle
accident in 1934



William Howells 1730 Married Esther Montford1734     IN 1751 AT ALBERBURY

A son William 1755  Married Elizabeth Griffiths 1761  ON JUNE 26 1778
There were numerous children including yet another William 1781 who married Elizabeth ? 1780

child of that marriage Thomas 1809 Married Sarah Jones 1809 ON 12
Jun 1831 at Alberbury
All  the above took place in Alberbury  Ten miles or so West of Shrewsbury Shropshire

 IN 1841 Thomas Howells1809and his wife Sarah nee Jones were living at Bicton 
Nr Shrewsbury

1841census records them as being born in 1809 with daughters Jane1832,
Elizabeth 1833 Mary 1838 and son  George 1840.       
Thomas is described as a bricklayer.
In 1851 Thomas1810--1887  and family are living at Stanwardine near
Ruyton X1 Towns with three more children, Thomas1844-   William
1846- Eliza1849(Probably Elizabeth) (The second Elizabeth-a common practice if
the first one had died.)

Thomas 1810 is still a bricklayer

In 1861 another daughter had been born Anne 1853.
Thomas Howells 1844-1898  A bricklayer  married Elizabeth Kilvert b1849-1905
There were 12 children of this marriage  The second child was John b1874 d1958
John1874-1958 married Lizzie Lacon 1872.-1944 They had three children the second of which was Doris Lizzie 1902-1980 John was a bricklayer/builder and market carrier

Doris Lizzie Howells1902-1980
married Edward Thomas Jones1904-1934

One son Eric 1926.




John Lacon1776 -1853 and his wife Jane 1774-1853 were the parents of  William 1812-1895//Samuel 1816-1889// John 1808-? //Margaret ?-?
William1812 maried Mary Davies1821-1909. Mary was a daughter of William and Ann Davies
At the time of the 1841 census William Lacon 1814(There is varying evidence re Williams birthbetween 1812 and 1816 ) and his wife Mary nee Davies 1821-1909 were resident in
the township of Eardiston one of the eleven towns of  Ruyton X1 Towns.
William and Mary had 8 children all born in Ruyton X1 Towns , the second of which was John 1845-1932
John Lacon 1845 married Mary Meredith1849 -1908 of Wrenbury in Cheshire.

Two Children --LIzzie 1872 born at Whittington and  Mary Jane 1880 Born at Ruyton X1
Towns  Lizzie Lacon1872-1944  married
John Howells 1874-1958   Three children  Tom 1894- Doris 1902-Gladys 1905

Doris Howells1901-1980  married
Edward Thomas Jones(TED)1904-=1934

One son Eric 1926==============================================